Thousands of fans send off the Seahawks in SeaTac

The Seattle TimesJanuary 26, 2014 

Thousands of fans showed up to line South 188th Street in SeaTac on Sunday to see off the Seahawks as the team headed to the airport. Fans lined the street for miles to show their support and excitement, decked out in 12th-man gear.

Traffic backed up onto Interstate 5, and fans parked in bank and hotel parking lots nearby to join the pre-Super Bowl frenzy, and send off the team with die-hard enthusiasm.

“For me, this is for them to know they have support,” said Daniel Blanchette, a Normandy Park resident and season ticket holder wearing fleece Seahawks one-piece pajamas over his clothes. His friends’ mom made eight pairs so that he and his friends from high school can attend all the games in them.

When the Seahawks buses rolled by, the fans went crazy, tearing down the crime tape meant to hold them back and pressing in on the buses as they wound their way through the crowd, which was screaming and waving 12th man flags. “Sea-hawks!” the fans chanted, holding their kids on their shoulders and wearing neon wigs and jerseys. They trampled barriers and empty coffee cups to get a last look at the team behind tinted-glass windows.

“It’s kind of nice seeing how much more excitement there was than 2005. We wouldn’t expect anything less than the Super Bowl, I think, as fans,” ” said Eddie Perdomo, who drove from Monroe with his wife and three kids to join the mania. “It’s neat to see. It’s almost a civic duty to cheer for the Seahawks.”

While the fans waited, cars passing by waved flags and laid on their horns. Drivers hollered out the windows and passengers stuck out of sunroofs to scream their support for the Seahawks.

When three moving trucks drove by carrying team gear, someone yelled, “here comes the equipment!” and the crowd roared with approval. Two workers from a nearby hotel walked off the job to join the frenzy, wearing Seahawks colors under their pin-striped suits.

“I’m the boss,” one of them joked, “I got some Broncos fans in there watching the desk.”

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