Seahawks players asked questionable questions during media day

Staff writersJanuary 28, 2014 

— A sampling of questions asked at Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day:

“Who’s your crush?” – a reporter to Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, who responded “Isn’t Beyoncé everybody’s crush?”

“What’s the Roman numeral for 48?” – a Nickelodeon reporter dressed as a superhero to third-string quarterback B.J. Daniels

“Do you own a pet unicorn? Is the Lombardi Trophy filled with chocolate? And have you ever worn sweats to the strip club? – a reporter to center Max Unger

“A guy asked me if he could buy my earrings. I think he was joking.” – Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor

“Somebody asked me what I do when I have to pee when I’m on the field. I told them that I’m not thinking about that because if you are trying to tackle Adrian Peterson and that’s what you are thinking, that’s how you get run over.” – Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner

“Somebody asked me if fishes get thirsty. That was weird.” – Seahawks defensive lineman Cliff Avril

“A lady asked me I if would kiss her. I told her no more kisses for the ladies. I’m a married man. Happily. And I want to stay that way.” – Seahawks defensive lineman Brandon Mebane

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