Super Bowl memorabilia will cost you in New York

Staff writerJanuary 29, 2014 

Super Bowl gift kiosks around New York are the answer to the question nobody is asking? “Where can I get a Super Bowl monkey?” The plush toy is dark blue with white hair and wears a yellow Super Bowl XLVIII shirt but no pants. With Velcro hands it can hang from most anything. While similar toys can be found online for $10-12, the special Super Bowl version can be yours for just $30.

You can get Super Bowl golf balls ($4), temporary tattoos ($6) and foam fingers ($10) at New York gift kiosks, but there’s one thing you won’t find – Pants. Good news, because this will allow you to show off your Super Bowl socks ($15). The socks have blue, white, light blue, yellow, white and even lighter blue stripes and large block letters simply state “NY NJ Super Bowl.” A saleswoman said the socks aren’t selling very quickly.

Perhaps the most popular items selling at Super Bowl gift shops according to local vendors are the hat pins. The $10-12 pins are popular at many major sporting events among traders. Wearing multiple pins is usually an indication you want to trade. Some local organizations, including the New York Police Department, also have Super Bowl pins that some traders try to acquire.

Paying $15 for a small stuffed bear might seem a little steep. But compare it to the $200 coats and $45 T-shirts sold nearby and the bears seem like a bargain. Perhaps this is why the toys are one of the top sellers according to workers at the Kiosk at the Sheraton Times Square. The dark blue bear has the Super Bowl XLVIII logo stitched on its chest.


He stands 1-inch tall, but the tiny Lego-like Peyton Manning figurine is the most talked about item for sale at the Super Bowl gift shop in the lobby of the Sheraton New York Times Square Lobby. The little Manning designed by Oyo Sportstoys is depicted in his orange Denver Broncos jersey complete with tiny Super Bowl XLVIII logo. It will set you back $15 plus tax.


Taking an infant to what’s expected to be the coldest ever Super Bowl probably isn’t a great idea, but if you must, you might as well make sure they have a good base layer. That, apparently is where the “My First Super Bowl” onesie comes in. It’s roughly the size of a handkerchief but it will still cost you $22.

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