SEEN & HEARD: Trent Dilfer fliers

Staff writerJanuary 30, 2014 

A flyer for football advice from former Seahawks quarterback Trent Dilfer hangs in Times Square in New York City on Jan. 27, 2014. The flyer is part of a guerrilla marketing campaign by ESPN.

CRAIG HILL — Staff writer

Former Seahawks quarterback Trent Dilfer’s face is on handbill that is plastered on the walls around Times Square as part of an ESPN viral marketing campaign.

The fliers show Dilfer, a commentator on ESPN’s NFL Live, in a suit under the proclamation, “Trent Dilfer Will Teach You About Football.”

It continues, “Feeling anxious about your lack of football knowledge? Afraid the Super Bowl won’t be super for you? Trent Dilfer can help.”

Eager fans are encouraged to call Dilfer to schedule an appointment. Tear-away tabs with contact info, 844-TDILFER, are even available on the bottom.

Call the number and you will, indeed, hear the voice of Dilfer, famous for being one of the least accomplished quarterbacks ever to win a Super Bowl.

In a recorded message, Dilfer gives a brief explanation of how the game is played with such details as the length and width of the field, the shape of the ball and an explanation of how points are scored.

The ad, of course, ends with the quarterback encouraging the caller to watch his show.

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