Super Bowl scene: Football movie 'Draft Day' brings stars to Super Bowl

Staff writersJanuary 31, 2014 

— Sports acting icon Kevin Costner says his upcoming movie, “Draft Day,” is “very believable” despite one obvious creative liberty.

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is introduced in the movie he is cheered. Even though the scene was filmed live at the draft where Goodell is famously and regularly booed, mostly by New York Jets fans, director Ivan Reitman decided to add the applause during editing.

“I think it would be somewhat confusing for people who don’t know about the draft and the humorous history,” said Reitman, a Canadian who grew up rooting for the Toronto Argonauts.

Costner, Reitman, and actors Denis Leary, Jennifer Garner, Terry Crews and Chadwick Boseman visited Super Bowl media center to promote the movie and talk sports. Some highlights:

• When it was Garner’s turn to talk, her voice was nearly drowned out by the sound of clicking cameras. “Wow, you guys have been shooting a lot of boys this week haven’t you?”

• Costner was asked about filming a sequel to his baseball classic “Bull Durham.” He didn’t rule it out. Although, as he points out, in order to reprise his role as Crash Davis, he’d need a script. Something Ron Shelton, writer and director of the original, hasn’t done.

• Costner was also asked about contributing to the efforts to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. “I tried to do that once I got into a divorce so my ability to contribute was cut in half,” Costner said.

• Leary pretty much stole the show. “When Ivan called me, in my head I was in,” he said of “Draft Day.”

“If this thing sucks, I’m in. I just want to be in Costner movie. I’ve worked with (Dustin) Hoffman and (Robert) DeNiro in the same movie. I did a Clint Eastwood movie that nobody saw, but I don’t give a (bleep). So when I got the call saying we’re doing a Costner movie, I was like, I don’t care if it’s a western, or if it’s sports western with Costner. The Abner Doubleday Story.”

• Leary also talked about Richard Sherman, Seattle’s outspoken cornerback. “If you talk trash and you can back it up, I think you’re fine. Personally, I would not say anything about Peyton Manning’s passes before the Super Bowl.”


They’re celebrating more than the Super Bowl in New York. Buffalo Wings are turning 50.

It’s no surprise that Buffalo Wings and the Super Bowl are about the same age. For many, the bar food staple and America’s most popular sport go hand in hand. About 1.25 million chicken wings are expected to be consumed during Sunday’s game.

The snack got its start in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, N.Y., said Melanie Klausener, a publicist representing the New York state tourism.

It started when bar owner Teressa Bellisimo decided to deep fry some leftover chicken wings for some guest. She added some hot sauce and the rest is history.

The Anchor Bar is now a tourist attraction and Buffalo draws 80,000 visitors each Labor Day for the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

The festival includes the national wing eating contest. The record: 191 wings in 12 minutes.


Hasan Blount of Tacoma is in New York trying to catch a break.

The rap artist, who goes by HB The Mealticket, traveled to New York City this week to hand out demo CDs of his music that is "fresh off the mixed tape," as one song says.

He’s representing his home-town Seattle Seahawks, too.

“That’s how we do it,” he said in Times Square on Wednesday night.

The 2006 Lakes High School graduate gave The News Tribune a sample of his CD. It has 10 diverse tracks that are littered with South Sound references.

The rapper’s demo sleeve has a Seattle city skyline (likely catering to those who don’t know about Tacoma) etched into navy blue and green tribal designs with a distinct Seahawks logo at the top. And, of course, there is a giant “12” overlapping the cover.

He will be outside MetLife Stadium on game day handing out more CDs, on his way to “a lot of winnings” as one of his songs puts it.

And he thinks the Hawks are on the same path, too.

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