And the winner of the Seahawks caption contest is . . .

Tacoma News TribuneFebruary 2, 2014 

JeAnette Colyer's winning caption fills the bubble.


JeAnette Colyer of University Place came up with the winning caption for Chris Britt’s Super Bowl cartoon. Britt inked in her caption, which goes to Colyer along with a $100 Safeway gift card.

The contest was judged by Britt, editorial page editor Patrick O’Callahan and editorial writer Cheryl Tucker. While most contest entrants focused on team spirit, Colyer says she just wanted her caption to be funny – and the commercials are one of her favorite parts of the Super Bowl.

She plans to watch the game at home “with my Seahawks shirt on,” she says, and predicts a low-scoring contest with the Seahawks ultimately victorious.

“Just having the Seahawks going to the game is great. Winning would be icing on the cake,” she say. “Go Hawks!”

Her caption was among more than 100 entries received by email and regular mail. Here are some of the suggestions that were among the finalists:

• “You can’t pin Bridgegate on the 12th Man, governor” – Daniel C. Ginsberg

• “Christie thinks he can block Marshawn Lynch? He’ll learn!” – Eli Berniker

• “Hey, Gov, NOTHING stops the 12th Man. Don’t make us get Sherman and the Legion of Boom out here!” – Deana McReynolds

• “You thought Hurricane Sandy was tough? Meet Hurricane Seahawks!” – Mike Hall

• “You’re tacklin’ with the wrong Washington, Bub.” – Linda Lee

• “You can’t block the 12th Man. Put it into BEAST mode, Charlie!” – Clarice Grace Everhart

• “We are the 12th Man JAM!” – Margaret Buchanan

• “Is this the payback for shutting out the Giants?!” – Thom Kim

• “Our ‘Legion’ boomed your Giants; don’t even mess with the 12th Man!” – Joseph J. Piek

• “Don’t be a fool – no one blocks the Hawks!” – Malia Graham

• “No, Chris, you can’t be the 12th Man. Move it!!!” – Dodie Reynolds

• “Hey, Gov! You’re about to witness a BEAST QUAKE from the 12’s!” – Michael Gordon

 Thanks to all who participated.

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