CHEHALIS: Reported abduction actually a shoplifting

February 2, 2014 

Chehalis police responded to a reported child abduction in the Walmart parking lot Wednesday afternoon and discovered it was actually a woman who allegedly stole a pair of boots, threw her infant into her vehicle, then rammed her car into another one when attempting to flee store security.

A 911 caller reported shortly after 1 p.m. that a woman had grabbed a child from another woman outside Walmart and “threw the baby into the vehicle and took off,” according to the 911 dispatch call log.

Because bystanders thought a child was being abducted, someone tried to stop the woman from fleeing the area by blocking her vehicle in with a car, said deputy chief Randy Kaut from the Chehalis Police Department. The driver, later identified as Annalesha J. Ayala, 22, of Centralia, then allegedly rammed the other vehicle and drove away.

Responding police learned the woman had not stolen a baby, but rather a pair of boots valued at $25, and was attempting to escape Walmart store security, Kaut said.

The Chronicle (Centralia)

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