First bite: Bob's Burgers and Brew Puyallup

Staff writerFebruary 3, 2014 

The classic 6-ounce broiled burger at Bob's Burgers and Brew in South Hill, Puyallup.

SUE KIDD — Staff writer

I stopped in at Bob’s Burgers and Brew on South Hill, now entering its third week of operation, and found a few things worth noting about the Washington-based chain that is new to the South Sound.

First, the restaurant charbroils its burgers, which are made from ground chuck, and the kitchen did a mighty fine job of evenly marking the burger with crisscross grill marks. Second, the restaurant offers a choice of potato wedge jo-jos along with fries and rings. Given a choice, pick potato wedges over fries, which I found had a very short shelf life before they cooled to a chewy texture.

I went simple for a first visit, sticking with the plain Jane classic 6-ounce broiled burger ($8.99) and paid a 99 cent charge for cheddar. My burger was layered high on a pillowy bun that spent no time on a toaster or griddle (I prefer a little crunch on my bun). Smeared with a mayo-based burger sauce, the layering of the burger was just right with crinkle-cut pickle chips, sliced tomatoes and shredded iceberg. A note about that bun – although it wasn’t toasted and the texture tasted plenty soft, it was sturdy enough to hold up to that six-ounce patty.

Here’s something unexpected. My fries and burgers weren’t seasoned, which our server thoughtfully warned before we ordered. Shaking salt onto the fries was an easy fix – your server will even offer you a shaker full of a seasoning blend – but deconstructing the burger to add seasoning was tricky and probably something better left to the kitchen. My tip: Ask them if they will season your patty and your fries – unless you’re watching your sodium intake, of course. Is it just me, or does it seem weird to not season a burger patty?

The restaurant lists a menu of more than 25 burgers (beef and chicken) and specializes in family-friendly dining. Speaking of kids, the restaurant was so loud on my visit that even the screaming toddler near me didn’t register much above the din. I felt like I needed sound protection for portions of my meal – you’ve been warned.

Curious about the offerings? I snapped pictures of the menus, complete with prices, which you won’t find on the restaurant’s website. Take a look below.

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