Two sentenced to jail for Puyallup car vandalism spree

Staff writerFebruary 3, 2014 

Two people charged with vandalizing nearly 90 vehicles in Puyallup have pleaded guilty and were sentenced to four months in jail.

James Reynolds, 19, and Nicole Simons, 22, pleaded guilty as charged last week to seven count of malicious mischief. A third defendant, Tyler Graham, 24, pleaded guilty in December and was also sentenced to four months in jail.

The trio used metal baseball bats to smash out windows and shatter the side-mirrors of 89 vehicles throughout the city over the course of several days. Police released surveillance footage of the vandalism, which eventually led to their arrests.

Graham allegedly drove Simons, his girlfriend, and Reynolds, their housemate, to the areas where the vehicles were damaged.

Reynolds told police that damaging other people’s property with a bat was a “good stress reliever,” court records show.

In Simon’s plea deal, she wrote “I deeply regret my inexcusable actions…”

Restitution is still being worked out, prosecutors said.

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