Rise and shine: Eight breakfasts in downtown Puyallup

Staff writerFebruary 7, 2014 

Prime rib hash in a skillet at Charlie’s, a downtown Puyallup eatery that produces quality breakfasts.

DEAN J. KOEPFLER — Staff photographer

Ditch your jammies and that stale bagel tomorrow morning. Steer your car to downtown Puyallup instead.

Breakfast cafes sprawl from Meridian to East Main. I was struck by the breadth of the offerings. Simple cafes served uncomplicated American breakfast fare. Downtown restaurants better known for dinner service boasted gussied-up weekend brunch menus.

I also found bar breakfasts, delicious doughnuts and coffee houses worth your patronage, but for brevity, I skipped those for this report.

My top four restaurant destinations nailed every element of breakfast. Eggs arrived cooked to order. Gravy tasted homespun. And, most importantly, my coffee cup never sat empty. The four restaurants I liked best came with an extra helping of solid service.

The other four didn’t make it into my top tier for one reason or another, but they all provided something worth noting: They serve breakfast during all operating hours. That’s important for people who prefer to eat the most important meal of the day for lunch or dinner.

Count me as one of those.

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