Have a grandfather who fought in the Civil War? Norman Camp is looking for you

Posted by Larry LaRue on February 10, 2014 

Norman Camp is wondering if anyone in the Northwest is like him.

No, not just 81-years-old - Camp is searching for others who had a grandfather who fought in the Civil War.

"There can't be many of us," Camp said.

Casmp's grandfather, Alexander Campbell Camp, was born in 1836 and fought for the North as a sergeant with the 18th Indiana volunteers. He was a blacksmith by trade.

Camp's father, Don Hall Camp, was born in 1880 and worked as a station master and telegrapher.

Hall was born in 1933 and after years as a mechanic, went back to school and became an electrical technician for Tacoma City Light.

"I'm more curious than anything," Hall said. "I've been doing a little research and began to wonder how many people have similar stories. I'd like to talk to them."

It's a simple request, and if you or someone you know fits the description, you can reach Hall at (253) 380-8643

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