In beer news: Washington adds 62 breweries in 2013, second only to California

Staff writerFebruary 12, 2014 

Washington added 62 licensed breweries in 2013, second only to California, which added 145, according to a report issued Wednesday by the national Beer Institute.

Oregon and Colorado trailed in the Top Four, adding 59 and 56 breweries respectively.

Across the country, 948 breweries were added last year, taking the total number to 3,699. The three West Coast states and Colorado accounted for one-third of all breweries nationwide, the institute said in a release.

“Beer is constantly evolving in the U.S., with more small brewers than ever before, more brands being introduced aby national brewers and growing interest in imports,” said Chris Thorne, vice president of communications at the institute.

The report also noted that in Washington in 2012, the industry accounted for $4.28 billion in economic impact, 42,160 industry=-related jobs and $946 million in tax receipts.


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