Amazon hiring for DuPont fulfillment center

Staff writerFebruary 12, 2014's new Dupont fulfillment center awaits staffing.

JOHN GILLIE — The News Tribune

Hiring has begun for several hundred workers needed to staff's new DuPont distribution center.

The basic jobs, picking, moving and stocking merchandise in the million-square-foot warehouse, pay $12.25 an hour with benefits. The Seattle-based Internet retailer said that wage is about 30 percent greater than the average retail store wage level.

The company, which recently completed the huge concrete tilt-up structure, is looking for workers with at least a high school diplomas or equivalent who are able to stand for up to 12 hours at a time and who can lift up to 49 pounds. 

The jobs, according to Amazon's job website,  may involve operating fork lifts and other equipment. Workers may be called upon to work any of three shifts. 

The DuPont warehouse is one of six such facilities nationwide for which Amazon is hiring a total of about 2,500 workers.  The company said it prefers candidates with good computer and communications skills.

The DuPont distribution center is the second distribution center to open in Pierce County. Another Amazon distribution center warehouse opened in Sumner two years ago.  That warehouse is half the size of the DuPont facility.

Amazon is quickly building a nationwide network of warehouses from which goods ordered on its site can be delivered.  The company is seeking to locate those warehouses closer to its biggest markets to cut the costs of shipping.

Those who are interested in applying should do so on the net at

Amazon hasn't disclosed when it intends to begin operating its new fulfillment center.


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