Centralia police shoot, kill suspect early Thursday morning

OlympianFebruary 13, 2014 

A 48-year-old man is dead after a police-involved shooting in the 1200 block of Elm Street, in Centralia around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, according to a press release from the Centralia Police Department.

At about 2:20 a.m.,  Centralia police officer Tracy Murphy attempted to approach a suspicious male behind a closed business. When the man ignored Officer Murphy and started to walk away, Murphy followed the man across Mellen Street towards an abandoned building. He contacted the man, who then displayed a knife. The release stated that Murphy ordered the man to drop the knife, but the man did not comply with the request, and further told the officer he had a gun.

The man turned away from Officer Murphy and started running. 

Officer Phil Weismiller arrived on the scene and started to pursue the man on foot.

The man stopped and confronted Officer Weismiller, holding a knife in his hand. During the confrontation, Weismiller shot the man, according to the release.

Weismiller has been with the Centralia Police Dept. for 19 months. Prior to his time in Centralia, he worked for the Kelso Police Dept. for three years, nine months.

The deceased man is a 48-year-old male with an out-of-state ID card.

The name of the man was not released.

Officer Weismiller has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation, which is being conducted with assistance from Region 3 Critical Incident Investigation Team.

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