Graham woman featured in Shriver Report hits the White House

Posted by Larry LaRue on February 13, 2014 

Julie Kaas, a 48-year-old Graham preschool teacher whose determination to improve her life by going back to school landed her in The Shriver Report last month got a new thrill this week.

A visit to the White House.

A single mother of three, Kaas graduated from the Washington Women's Employment & Education program and was the subject of a Jan. 18 column.

Last week, the Obama Administration reached out to Kaas, inviting her to the signing ceremony in which President Barrack Obama completed the executive order raising the minimum wage for federal workers.

When that ceremony was televised, Kaas was standing directly behind the president.

Kaas recently got a promotion at work and a small raise, and is taking online classes to complete her Bachelor's degree.

"Like anyone, I want to be independent. so it's great to see the president recognize how important a decent wage is for so many people," Kaas said. "I hope the rest of the country will follow."

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