Defendant tries to escape Pierce County courtroom during sentencing hearing

Staff writerFebruary 14, 2014 

A man ensnared in the Hilltop Crips dragnet of 2010 tried to escape a Pierce County courtroom Friday during his re-sentencing hearing.

Deondre Posey, 26, was facing more than 20 years in prison on an attempted murder conviction when he tried to bolt Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend's courtroom about 2 p.m.

More than a dozen law enforcement personnel, including Sheriff Paul Pastor, descended on the courtroom to quell a fracas that broke out after corrections deputies took Posey down as he ran for the door, sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said.

"He took off running," Troyer said. "He made it to the door but not out the door."

People in the gallery to witness Posey's sentencing and other matters on the docket "went nuts" during the escape attempt and Posey's capture, Troyer said.

There was much shouting and pushing and shoving before order was restored.

The fracas spilled out into the hall, with sheriff's deputies, detectives and corrections officers herding people, including a pregnant woman, out of the courthouse.

One man was arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer.

Troyer said law enforcement officers suffered some bumps and bruises in the action.

Posey was arrested in 2010 as part of a crackdown on the Hilltop Crips street gang.

A jury later convicted him of attempted murder in a shooting that left a man paralyzed.

He was sentenced to 33 years in prison, but a state Court of Appeals panel ruled Arend made a mistake during his original sentencing and sent the case back for re-sentencing.

That did not happen Friday and will have to be re-scheduled.

Posey likely faces additional charges now as well.



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