Accidental shooting victim was ‘a gentleman at school’

Staff writerFebruary 16, 2014 

EDDIE: Remembered as fun-loving

More than 250 people gathered Saturday to say tearful farewells to Eddie Zee Holmes, the 13-year-old Puyallup boy accidentally killed with a shotgun on Feb. 6.

“I thank the Lord for every precious moment of him,” said Eddie’s mother, Sandra Aponte-Holmes. “He was the light of my life.”

Members of the teen’s large extended family, plus friends, classmates and teachers from Kalles Junior High School filled the Chambers Creek Chapel in University Place for the afternoon funeral service.

They remembered him as a happy, fun-loving boy who loved video games, super heroes, skateboarding and swimming, hanging out with his older brother, Jose, and playing with his dog, Buddy.

“He was so loving and just cared about everyone,” Aponte-Holmes said.

Mourners gathered around Eddie’s casket, on which his skateboard and helmet were displayed.

His older brother, Jose, sang at the service with a select choir from Puyallup High School.

“My brother was an extraordinary kid, very playful and happy all the time,” Jose Holmes said. “He was my brother. There was nobody else like him. Flesh and blood. I’ll always remember the good times I had with him.”

Guy Kovacs, the principal of Kalles Junior High, where Eddie was a student, described him as “fun-loving.”

“One thing that caught us at school was that contagious smile,” Kovacs said.

Addressing Eddie’s mother and father, Kovacs said, “Parent to parent, I think the thing that will make you most proud is that he was a gentleman at school.”

Eddie was shot at close range at a friend’s house on 11th Street Southeast, a few blocks from the Washington State Fairgrounds.

Police investigators say he and four other boys had gathered at the home after school. The boy who lives in the home took his stepfather’s shotgun out of its hiding place to show the others, police said.

Another boy, also 13, asked to see the gun and pulled the slide back, loading the weapon. It fired, fatally wounding Eddie.

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