Marriage Licenses for the week ending Feb. 14

Tacoma News TribuneFebruary 18, 2014 

ANDRADE/PADILLA Perla with Gerardo, both of Puyallup

APPLETON/GRANT Ashley Nichole with Israel Josiah, both of Tacoma

AYERS/MEYERS Jeremy Michael with Cayla-Maree Ann, both of Randle

BABCOCK/PEREZ Dionne Ann I., Winchester, Ore., with Alejandro I., Tacoma

BAGHDADI/PERMINOVA Mohamad Tarek with Olga, both of Tacoma

BAILEY/BERRY Richard Allen with Chelsea Kate, both of Tacoma

BARRETO/KIRCHNER German Rafael, Fife, with Angela Marie, Lakewood

BIRD/OLIVASQUEZADA Sara Christine, Gig Harbor, with Joel Alejandro, Tacoma

BLENIS/STINSON Harold Linwood Jr. with Janice Marie, both of Lakewood

Air Force Base, Germany, with Melissa Marie, Puyallup

BOYD/ESCOBAR Rodriguez Audrianna Marie with Romero Christian, both of Tacoma

BROWN/RIGSBY Maria Kristi with Michael Lee, both of Tacoma

BUEOY/JENNINGS Daniel Ernest with Lois Marcia Madison, both of Spanaway

CHAPMAN/SUTTON-YORK Mitchell Ian with Megan Rene, both of Tacoma

CHRISTY-HUBBARD/CAMPBELL Stephen Leslie with Michelle Diana Kay, both of Spanaway

CLARK/HOLMES Christopher John with Paige Arielle, both of Lakewood

CLAYTON/PAYTON Zachary Daniel, Puyallup, with Anna Miyoko, Tacoma

COLON/RICHARDSON Kenzo M. with Eric A Jr., both of Tacoma

COWGER/BAKER Jamie Allan, Tacoma, with Nova Jean, Shelton

CURRY/EVANS Jace Anthony with Tanna Lee, both of Milton

CURTIS/MAKOFKA Darry Jubilee with Brett Anthony, both of Tacoma

DANIELS/BERT Carissa with Quentin, both of Tacoma

DAVIS/CLIFFORD Mark Eugene, Steilacoom, with Adina Rae, Rainier

DE LA CRUZ ZAMORA/SANTOS ZAMALLOA Jose Luis with Adriana Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

DELGADILLO/KOPP Michelle Marie, Roy, with Travis Christopher, San Diego, Calif.

DESHAIES/VALLEJO Danielle Gobern with Christina Milagros, both of Tacoma

DIETZ/BROWN Lori with Scott, both of Bonney Lake

DISS/BURROWS Michael Patrick with Emily Ann, both of University Place

EADS/HEPLER Hollie Jo with Jarrell Joseph, both of Lakeland, Fla.

EDGEWORTH/PRESSION Coral Diann with Alexa Claire, both of Puyallup

ENGLE/McKAY Haven Christopher with Brianne Elizabeth, both of Puyallup

ESQUIVEL/TEXOCOTITLA-MURILLO Antonio Jr., Tacoma, with Marta Elena, Lakewood

EVANS/JUVONEN Mark Edward with Angela Darlene, both of Tacoma

FALTUS/McKENZIE Michael Vincent with Salena Ann, both of Tacoma

FAUSNAUGHT/PETTIT Donald Lee Jr. with Judie Melissa, both of Spanaway

FRARY/GUIANAN David Gilbert II with Mary Grace, both of Lakewood

GARVIN/COREA Kenneth Richard Jr. with Kimberly Lee, both of Tacoma

GEBHARDT/MILLER Brandon Wolf with Rachelle Marie, both of Graham

GILLIAM/SEABOLT Gwendalyn Christine with Nichole Marie, both of Fox Island

GONZALEZ/PLADSEN Alyssia Renee with Tyler James, both of Tacoma

GRANT/CARR Quintellea with Shankevia, both of Tacoma

HAGER/VOGT Caylah Christine with Cameron Eugene, both of University Place

HARDING/MATHENA Thomas Jeffrey with Sierra Dawn, bothof Lakewood

HARPER/NOLL Alexis Jane with John Allen, both of JBLM

HARRIS/STONE Kelli Patricia with Kevin Dana, both of Tacoma

HARRISON/HODGE Nijel Ian, Tacoma, with Tabbetha Belle Dewana, Riverdale, Maryland.

HART/ENCHANTE-HART Terasa Deetta with Destiny Ann, both of Puyallup

HERNANDEZ/AGUINIGA Garcia Daniel with Josefina, both of Portland, Ore.

HOLGUIN/DAHL Phillip David, Lakewood, with Lark, Aviano Air Base, Aviano, Italy

HOLT/METTERNICH Lindsay Michelle with Clayton James, both of Steilacoom

HUTCHISON/LIWANAG Katherine Marie with Mark Anthony, both of Puyallup

IOANE/LAUAMA Chico I. with Maulalo, both of Tacoma

JACKSON/STALNAKER Joseph Daniel, JBLM, with Lindsay Nicole, Puyallup

JAMES/HUDSPETH Christina Marie with Justin, both of Eatonville

JIMENEZ VICENTE/SANTIAGO SALAS Joana Jazmin with Lorenzo, both of Lakewood

JOHNSON/SULLIVAN Gerald L. with Condola, both of Tacoma

JOHNSON/CALVIN Matthew Brendan with Amanda Marie, both of Lakewood

KIDDER/LLESIS Creed Andrew with Josefino Sequihod, both of Cle Elum

KIEKHAEFER/BICKHAM Marcel, JBLM, with Alexis, Puyallup

KINSEY/PRIOR Gordon Muhlenburg with Joan Eileen, both of Tacoma

KLUMPENHOWER/ROWAN Jason William, Shell Lake, Saskatchewan, with Monica Elyse, Vashon

KOLB/BALKWILL Eugene Lee, Bremerton, with Lisa Marie, Tacoma

LAINE/DOUGLASS Clifford Kendall with Hannah Rae, both of Tacoma

LARMORE/LEIGH Timothy Allen with Tricia Loree Emery, both of University Place

LARSEN/JARAMILLO Paige Kathleen with Vincent De'Angelo, both of Tacoma

LAWHORN/MITCHELL Sean Keith with Arlene Kay, both of Bonney Lake

LEFLORE/PAVLICK Steven Robert with Jessica Marie, both of Steilacoom

LEPARD/ESCOBAR Samantha Nicole, Maynard, Arkansas., with Jr. Rafael Angel, JBLM

LETOURNEAU/RENAULD Raymond Charles, JBLM, with Lauren Ashley, East Freetown, Mass.

LINVILLE/BLEDSOE Jennifer Denyl with Carl Harley, both of Puyallup

LORENZ/BOUCHARD Lynzi Leigh with Scott Leonard, both of University Place

LOUCKS/LUSHENKO Shawn Keith, Tacoma, with Kathy May, Kent

MacLEOD/STEELE Colleen Marie with John Nicholas, both of Lakewood

MADISON/GILMORE-TRICE Joshua Lee with Sharice Donia, both of Tacoma

MALDONADO/MORALES Rodolfo with Diana B., both of Puyallup

MAREHAM/BARRETT Arelin Gutijer with Bo James, both of Tacoma

MASSEY/ARGO Brandon, Bonney Lake, with Shannon, Carbonado

McDOLE/COLLIE Joseph William, Lakewood, with Brittany Rose, Cornelius, Ore.

McDONALD/CHONG Eric Von Jr. with Taylor Rene, both of Lakewood

McNAMARA/WOODS Stephen Paul, Tacoma, with Nicole Erin, Spanaway

MEAD/ROLIE Mary S. with Gerald Gilmore, both of Gig Harbor

MICHALAK/CHANTASILO Daniel with Surathis, both of Tacoma

MILLER/LAUGHMAN Hartgrave Kaylie M. with Logan Daniel, both of Lakewood

MITCHELL/GAUDIANO Matthew Dean with Gemillaine Baiguen, both of Spanaway

MOERER/CARLSON Trisha Kayt with Daniel Patrick, both of Orting

MUSGROVE/PICHETTE Randy Scott with Tracy Lee, both of Tacoma

NAPARAN/STUMP Duane Larry with Arlene Carmen, both of Puyallup

ORTIZ RODRIGUEZ/RODRIGUEZ Jose Omar, Tacoma, with Maribel Cruz, Portland, Ore.

PARFITT/PARFITT Marc Raymond with Camille, both of Puyallup

PATTERSON/GRISSOM Desiree Faith with Marshall Wayne, both of Tacoma

PEAPEALALO/TITIALII Patrick I. with Moanalisa M., both of Tacoma

PERIN/GEDZ Andreas, Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Germany, with Irina N., Tacoma

PHILLIPS/PHILLIPS Christopher Kieth with Alicia, both of Lakewood

PHILLIPS/DABSON Lori Lynne with Thomas James, both of Tacoma

PLUMMER/GRAY Brianna Elaine with Oliver David, both of Lakewood

POWELL/BRADLEY Judy with Michael Wayne, both of Lakewood

PRICE/LAZCARES-VENTURA Crystal Sue with Braulio, both of Edgewood

RAMIREZ/JOHNSON Gabriel with Sara Marie, both of Lakewood

RAMOS/HAWK Eduardo, Dupont, with Angela Marie, Tacoma

REICHARD/DAMIAN Israel Maurice with Janet Buthungmow, both of Spanaway

RICHARDSON/VOUNG William Grant Sr. with Maly, both of Lakewood

RIVARD/JOHNSON Jodi Kathleen with Dean Richard, both of Bonney Lake

ROBERTS/NIUAMOA Makerita with Tikeri, both of Puyallup

RODGERS/GRAHAM Peter James with Mollie Marie, both of Olympia

ROEMER/JACOBS Cody Steven, JBLM, with Fay Leanne, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

SATTERWHITE/WIND Vicki Jean, Tallahassee, Fla., with Catharine Louise, Plant City, Fla.

SCHULTZ/HOAG Herb Charles with Michelle Ann, both of Gig Harbor

SHERMAN/ACEVEDO Eric K. with Garcia Fabiola, both of Tacoma

SHIRLEY/DAVIS Justin Ray with Teresa Dawn, both of Spanaway

SLOAN/STERN David Henry with Ryan Kevin, both of Gig Harbor

SORGENFREI/STRICKLAND Danielle M. with Ben H., both of Gig Harbor

SPRIEGEL/SCOTT Michelle Renee with Jason Bradley, both of Puyallup

STEPHENS/YATES Kathleen Oaks Weiler with Carl Nathaniel, both of Tacoma

STOLL/HELGESON Dallas Cody with Katy Sandra, both of Tacoma

TAYLOR/THIESSEN Ryker Wayne with Sara Ann, both of Lakewood

TORRES/HERNANDEZ Carlos Alberto, JBLM, with Sandra, Modesto, California.

TRAN/VO Thanh-nga T. I with Tung Thien, both of Tacoma

TRIGGS/BENNETT Jeffery Garrett, Lakewood, with Jordon Mechelle, Port Orchard

TURNER/YOUNG Edward Eugene with Lolinda Evette, both of Puyallup

URRIETA/ROMAN Yesenia with Ruiz Jose Gustavo, both of Tacoma

VANPAY/PELTOLA Nichole Ashley, Puyallup, with Jonathan Theodore, Pacific

VARLEY/SCOTT Dannielle Russell with Terrance Lee, both of Tacoma

VENTURA/SODERLUND Raydy, JBLM, with Amanda Marie, Puyallup

WALKER/BALDUFF David James with Erin Elizabeth, both of Bonney Lake

WARD/HALL Keyannie Ajate with Don Kelvin, both of JBLM

WHITE/FARRIS Brittany Marie, Gig Harbor, with Kyle Riley, JBLM

WILLARD/CUNNINGHAM Chelsea Olivia with Michael Andre, both of Tacoma

WILLIAMS/KINLOCH David Charles with Rowena Christine, both of Spanaway

WOOD/RODRIGUEZ Matthew Richard, Olympia, with Felisha Ranea, Tacoma

ZAJAC/McCANN Karl Anthony with Sarah Maria Theresa, both of Tacoma

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