Tacoma inspectors looking at businesses and homes on main streets for code violations

Tacoma News TribuneFebruary 19, 2014 

City of Tacoma code inspectors are surveying the city's main streets, on the lookout for violations of both commercial and residential properties.

“These areas are the front door to our community,” said Dan McConaughy, Code Inspector Supervisor, said in a news release.

City workers are looking at properties to assess if there may be a code violation with the main focus on building and property conditions. The function of City codes is to maintain public safety and help protect property values.

"We want to help our businesses and residents to understand how to enhance the safety of their structures and the appearance of our city," McConaughy said, "and make sure they have information about the programs the City has to assist them."

Last year, inspectors focused on business districts. This year, businesses and residences along main arterials will be included.

Property owners have been sent notice of the survey. If inspectors find a problem, the owners will receive a warning postcard. The survey goes through March 14.

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