Five-buck lunch: Sushi Revolution in Tacoma

Staff writerFebruary 25, 2014 

Splurge a little and get this spicy crunchy roll for $3.50 at Sushi Revolution.

SUE KIDD — Staff writer

Conveyor belt sushi at Tacoma’s Sushi Revolution yielded a dream scenario for a five-buck lunch – dozens of colorful plates filled with maki, nigiri and Japanese nibbles – priced $1-$3.50 – roamed around the belt and all a diner had to do was reach out a greedy little hand and pluck off a plate. Consider kaiten sushi the fast-food option of the sushi world.

Grab fast Sushi RevolutionIt can be a 15-minute seated dining experience. It’s also a relatively healthy endeavor – rice, fish and a minimal amount of fat in each dish.

Sushi Revolution, on Tacoma Mall Boulevard, turns over fish quickly. After a half dozen visits, I’ve never been thrown a stinky surprise on the belt. Conveyor belt sushi proves a logical destination for kids or large groups who must eat and run.

Here are the results of my five-buck lunch:

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