Tacoma councilman sports buzz cut for cancer awareness

Staff writerFebruary 28, 2014 

One Tacoma councilman is sporting a shorter haircut this week for a cause.

Marty Campbell sat in a barber's chair and grinned as his thick hair fell to the floor. Campbell was among two dozen people who shaved their heads Wednesday at Lincoln High School to honor Kathleen Merryman. She recently revealed in a Tacoma Weekly column that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lincoln High Principal Pat Erwin, who also had his head shaved, said the event was the brainchild of junior Loren Carrillo, whose mother works at Tacoma Weekly, where Merryman is also a writer. Merryman wrote columns for The News Tribune for many years.

Campbell said he shaved his head because "Kits," as she is known, is the second friend to be recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Kathleen Merryman has been a good friend of mine and has been a tremendous advocate for many of the needs in my district and in the Tacoma community, telling many stories that don’t get told on the front page” Campbell said.

The Lincoln High gang isn’t the first group to shave their heads for Merryman. The staff at Tacoma Weekly also shaved their heads in solidarity (warning, column contains the word "boob" a lot).

Campbell said the new haircut feels "weird."

"I keep running my hand over it," he said. "And it's cold up there!"

Campbell said he plans to mention his new haircut at the end of the Tacoma City Council meeting on Tuesday. Council members are often given time at the end of the meeting to promote upcoming events.

The high school will hold an event at 1:45 p.m. today to honor Merryman, Erwin said.

Barbers from Legends on Pacific Avenue donated their time, Campbell said.

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