Lakewood to allow alcohol in parks with special permit

Tacoma News TribuneMarch 4, 2014 

Two weeks after deciding not to allow alcohol in parks with a special permit members of the Lakewood City Council changed their minds.

The city will now allow groups or organizations to apply for a special permit to serve alcohol at functions. That could include offering a beer garden or hosting a wine event within city parks or park facilities.

Previously the city didn't allow alcohol at such events, but had received numerous requests from civic groups.

The City Council updated its parks code Feb. 18, which included restricting where people can smoke or use tobacco products while on park property. Part of the council discussion included whether to allow alcohol with a special permit.

The council voted 4-3 to keep the prohibition Feb. 18. But it appears some council members were confused by the vote, which was an amended from the original proposal.

The discussion came up again at the council's March 3 meeting and ultimately the group voted unanimously to allow alcohol in city parks with a special permit. Applicants would also have to apply for a Liquor Control Board permit and meet strict state requirements to hold an event with alcohol, according to the city's new regulations.


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