Unusual sound over North Tacoma Monday night? Probably a Navy fighter jet

Staff writerMarch 4, 2014 

An F/A-18 jet like this one was flying over Tacoma Monday practicing approaches to McChord Air Field. Residents noticed it as louder than the C-17 jets they typically hear.


We received a number of calls from readers in North Tacoma last night who heard a louder than usual jet flying over their neighborhood.

That’s saying something because the C-17 jets based at McChord Air Field often fly over that part of town as they come in to land from their training exercises.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord spokesman Joe Kubistek confirmed that C-17s were out and about Monday afternoon and evening.

Later that night, a Navy F/A-18 fighter jet also was in the air over Tacoma practicing approaches to McChord Air Field, Kubistek said.

It’s a good bet that the louder jet North Tacoma residents heard was the F/A-18. McChord air traffic controllers told Kubistek the jet was out of the area by 10 p.m.

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