Experts offer tips to improve your fishing skills

Staff writerMarch 9, 2014 

Area anglers will have the chance to learn from some of the best fishermen in the Northwest at Salmon University’s annual saltwater seminar, March 29-30 in Kent.

“During the two-day seminar, participants will learn about techniques and tips for catching salmon, halibut, albacore and bottom fish in salt water and rivers,” said Tom Nelson, owner of Salmon/Steelhead University.

“The seminar opens with a full-day series of seminars emphasizing basic angling principles and is designed to build the foundation of a fishermen’s technique,” he said. “The second day of classes opens the field of instruction to developing advanced techniques and fishing style.”

Instructors will talk about fishing for salmon in the waters of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River, he said. There also will be sessions on crabbing and shrimping.

“Because of the high numbers (of returning salmon) they’re predicting this year, one thing we’re doing is putting more stress on offshore fishing, Westport and Ilwaco, and on the Columbia River and its tributaries,” Nelson said.

A longtime fishing instructor, Nelson has taught more than 5,000 students through private seminars and at many area community colleges. He also has helped develop and test fishing gear for manufacturers such as Scotty, Pro-Troll and Silver Horde Tackle.

Other instructors:

• Terry Wiest, webmaster for Salmon/Steelhead University and host of Steelhead University, is a native of Washington where he grew up fishing the Cedar and Green rivers and Puget Sound.

• Tom Pollack has been in the retail sporting goods business for more than 45 years and now works at Sportco in Fife. Pollack is an avid salmon, perch and walleye fisherman as well as an expert on crabbing and shrimping.

• Terry Rudnick, youth sportfishing coordinator for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, is responsible for organizing fishing events and activities for children across the state. He also works part time in the Boating Program at Washington State Parks. Rudnick also is a freelance outdoor writer, photographer and speaker specializing in Pacific Northwest fishing, hunting and boating.

• Josh Hughes, an expert on fishing the Columbia River and its tributaries for spring and fall chinook and sturgeon, has nearly 15 years of experience. He currently represents Scotty in the Northwest.

• Anthony Warren is known for fishing out of Ilwaco for salmon and bottom fish. Right now his passion is fishing for albacore tuna.

• Kevin Lanier has developed an expertise for fishing out of Westport for salmon, halibut, tuna and rockfish.

“We think we have the best instructors with the best backgrounds, who are good teachers,” Nelson said.

“We don’t want guys with big egos who want to talk about themselves. People don’t want to hear about the fish you caught, they want to know how to catch their own,” he added.

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