Tour Lake Sammamish during guided kayak tour

Staff reportMarch 9, 2014 

People taking part in the guided kayak tour of Lake Sammamish on Saturday and March 16 will have the chance to see some of the great blue herons that nest in the rookery in Lake Sammamish State Park.


Wildlife Families and individuals can learn about life in and around Lake Sammamish during a guided kayak tour this weekend.

Kayak Academy is accepting registrations for its annual spring nature tour along the shores of the lake.

A professional kayak guide leads the two-hour tour along the shores of Lake Sammamish and up a portion of Issaquah Creek. During the tour, a state park ranger will present an on-the-water program about the great blue herons that live and nest in the area.

In addition to the herons, tour participants frequently see a variety of waterfowl and raptors such as bald eagles and red-tailed hawks. Spotting scopes will be available for land-based bird viewing, but participants are encouraged to bring their own binoculars to view birds from the water.

WHEN: Saturday and March 16, noon-3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Lake Sammamish State Park, 2000 NW Sammamish Road, Issaquah.

DID YOU KNOW? The state park hosts one of the largest heronries in the greater Seattle area with 80-100 Great blue heron nesting pairs.

About the park: The 512-acre day-use park has almost 6,860 feet of waterfront on the lake. The area around the lake was once an important culture zone for local American Indian tribes. The park includes a deciduous forest and wetland.

NEARBY: Marymoor Park, at the north end of the lake, is worth a visit while in the area. It, too, has a heron rookery. While the nesting trees are roped off, park visitors can easily see the large birds in their nests from a short distance away. The park also has a large off-leash dog area.

Registration: $18 per person. Pre-registration is required. Register online at

Gear rentals: Single, sit-on-top kayak, $12; double or triple, sit-on-top kayak, $15. Free dry suits and life jackets will be provided to all participants.

Information: Contact Kayak Academy at 206-527-1825.

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