Petersen bringing accountability, positive attitude to UW

Staff writerMarch 13, 2014 

Just short of the two-week break from spring football practice, the difference between the University of Washington’s new coaching regime and its predecessor is being noted.

Redshirt senior offensive lineman Ben Riva arrived at Montlake a year after former Washington coach Steve Sarkisian. He had only known Sarkisian’s style and wondered what would happen when Sarkisian left for USC.

Riva said he had confidence that athletic director Scott Woodward – who spoke to the team in the interim – would bring in a sound replacement. The Huskies struck a deal with Chris Petersen and Riva had his answer.

This spring, the Huskies have suspended three players. Petersen, in a very parental way, has “put his foot down,” according to Riva.

“There’s definitely a lot more accountability,” Riva said. “If you mess up, you’re going to hear about it, you’re going to know about it, and you’re going to pay for it. You’re definitely held to a much higher standard, I feel.

“It was the same for them at Boise; that’s what I heard.”

Riva also said the new staff is emphasizing technique more. In regard to offensive linemen, the priorities are knee bends and playing with your chest up. Quarterback Jeff Lindquist mentioned something else.

“One thing these new coaches do really well is push positive energy and encourage guys,” Lindquist said.


Washington has agreed to a home-and-home deal with Rutgers starting in 2016. The schools have never played each other.

Washington will host Rutgers on Sept. 3, 2016. The Huskies will travel to High Point Solutions Stadium in New Brunswick, N.J., on Sept. 2 to open the 2017 season.

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