Dave Burns and LeMay family will partner to save 1910 NP Dining Car

Burns launches Kickstarter campaign to pay for move to Marymount

Tacoma News TribuneMarch 14, 2014 

With a deadline looming to move a vintage Northern Pacific dining car from its track side location in the Port of Tacoma, Dave Burns finally has some good news to report.

A new partnership between Burns and the LeMay Family Collection has created a temporary and covered space for the car at the Marymount campus. Then, once restored, the car will be used for its original purpose - serving meals to people visiting the LeMay's collection of vintage cars and other collectables that were no part of the donation to form the LeMay car museum in Tacoma.

To take this step, however, Burns needs to find $17,000 to move the 80-foot-long car. Burns has put as estimated $60,000 into the car project so far and can't afford the additional cost for moving it.

He has started a Kickstarter campaign and is asking for help to raise the money. And he needs to work fast because Tacoma Rail has told him they can no longer lease the present site which is needed for a track-repair project.

Here is the link to Burns' Kickstarter campaign.

Burns has been working on this project as a hobby since 2004 after buying the car and moving it from Easton to Tacoma. While his dream had been to have it on display in Tacoma which has a long history with the Northern Pacific, the LeMay location in Marymount is a good compromise. That's because had he not succeeded in finding a partner before he had to give up the Tideflats location, he might have been forced to give it to out-of-town collectors.

"The Northwest Railroad Museum at Snoqualmie have offered to take the care and display it at their museum," he wrote a few weeks back. "They would pay all associated costs if I'm not successful in finding a good fit in Tacoma."

Here's my earlier column on Burns and his hobby.



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