CONSERVATION: Tribe seeks proposals for Nisqually projects

March 16, 2014 

The Nisqually Indian Tribe is accepting grant proposals for salmon habitat restoration and protection projects in the Nisqually River watershed.

Nearly $1.82 million in federal and state funds are available for habitat restoration projects, land acquisitions or assessments that will lead to projects.

The tribe is the lead salmon recovery entity that coordinates the solicitation and ranking of projects for the Nisqually watershed.

Eligible project proposals will be ranked by the Nisqually River Council and submitted to the state Salmon Recovery Funding Board for funding consideration.

Interested parties must submit a letter of intent to the Nisqually Tribe’s Natural Resources Office by March 31 and draft applications are due May 14.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Chris Ellings, salmon recovery program manager for the Nisqually Tribe Natural Resources, at 360-438-8687, ext. 1270, or at ellings. christopher@nisqually-nsn. gov to get information about the Nisqually salmon recovery strategy and other application information.

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