Lakewood wants residents to report 'eyesores'

Tacoma News TribuneMarch 18, 2014 

The city of Lakewood is making it easier for people to report eyesores like graffiti and discarded shopping carts that may litter their neighborhood.

The city’s Police and Community Safety Resource Team wants to clean up the problem areas. Two email addresses have been created for people to report where the graffiti and overturned shopping carts reside.

How it works:

If people see graffiti, litter or junk in the public right-of-way or in their neighborhood they should send an email to Include the location of the eyesore in the email.

Report abandoned shopping carts to Include the location of the carts and the store they belong to.

The emails go to the community safety team, which will then work to address the problem quickly.

Lakewood Police Chief Bret Farrar addressed the abandoned shopping cart issue at the City Council’s meeting Monday night. He noted it’s an issue people regularly cite as a problem they want to see fixed.

For the last couple of years Farrar has asked the department’s community support officers to go out once to twice a month to round up the carts and return them to their respective stores, he said.

“It’s not something that’s sustainable,” he said.


The city hopes by asking the public to get involved in reporting problems when they first appear that would help reduce the amount of graffiti and abandoned carts found in the community.

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