Team all lined up to create Nirvana mural

The Daily World (Aberdeen)March 23, 2014 

Special panels for the Nirvana mural have arrived, the artistic team is assembled, and work will start soon, Sylvia Dickerson of Our Aberdeen said recently.

The panels will be painted and then joined to form a 5-foot-by-50-foot mural that will adorn a building downtown. The civic group commissioned the mural, which will be painted by artist Erik Sandgren and a team of Grays Harbor artists who will return to help out.

Four artists are on the team: Anthony James Cotham of Buffalo, N.Y., David Wall of Olympia, Jason Sobottka of DuPont, and Dominic Senibaldi of Indianapolis.

“Each of the four has a different skill set to bring to the project,” Sandgren said. “We are throwing a lot of artistic firepower at this project.”

All have lived on the Harbor. All, except Wall, are graduates of Grays Harbor College, where Sandgren is a professor of fine arts. Sandgren hired Wall to help with a previous work, the Port of Grays Harbor Centennial Mural project.

“We’ll begin the actual painting in late May to be completed by July 10,” he said. Installation and the unveiling will likely be in September, he added.

Sandgren is making new and more refined sketches based on new drawing layouts from the artists. He is picking which elements to include and how to enlarge or reduce them.

“This is a very exciting stage, but not much is visible at the moment.”

The mural is slated for a downtown building yet to be announced formally due to ongoing negotiations. A trio of drafts was exhibited at the Aberdeen Timberland Library and the Museum of History for lead singer Kurt Cobain’s birthday celebration last month.

Nirvana was founded on the Harbor. Cobain committed suicide in 1994. Nirvana co-founder and bassist Krist Novoselic, drummer Dave Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear just won a Grammy for a song they performed with Paul McCartney. Nirvana is headed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the first ballot this spring.

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