Longtime Rainier volunteer retires

March 23, 2014 

Volunteer rangers Eva Meassick, left, and Phil Winn check park facilities at Chinook Pass. Meassick has retired from being a volunteer after 27 years at the park.


Eva Meassick, a volunteer at Mount Rainier National Park since 1987, has announced her retirement.

Meassick and her husband, Joe, conducted wilderness patrols on the east side of the park as well as frontcountry patrols out of Sunrise until he passed away in 2002. The Meassicks also staffed Sunrise, assisting visitors in a number of ways, including issuing permits, providing information and offering roadside assistance. They also did winter ski patrols from the park’s north boundary to Chinook Pass, as well as assisting in other volunteer projects and search and rescues.

In 2003, Meassick received the Superintendent’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2008, she went to Washington, D.C., to receive the George B. Hartzog Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service. The Meassicks were cited for “their cheerful demeanors and exceptional stewardship of the Park as well as the ability to handle difficult situations.”

Upon her retirement, Meassick has a total of 12,496 hours (520 days) of volunteer service on record.

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