IRS urges taxpayers to file 2010 returns; $760 million in refunds await

Staff writerMarch 24, 2014 

It was 2010. You forgot to file your federal income tax return, or maybe you didn’t bother filing because you thought you weren’t eligible for a refund.

Well, the IRS has $760 million waiting for 918,600 taxpayers just like you.

And the deadline for filing a 2010 return – April 15 - looms.

“The window is quickly closing for people who are owed refunds form 2010 who haven’t filed a tax return,” said John Koskinen, IRS commissioner, in a release.

In Washington, 24,800 taxpayers are owned refunds totaling $23,033,000. That’s an average of $640 per person.

In addition to funds that may have been withheld, taxpayers may also be eligible to retrieve unclaimed funds from the Earned Income Tax Credit program. Refunds here may exceed $5,000, depending on income. 

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