Uber makes itself Tacoma official

Tacoma News TribuneMarch 26, 2014 

Jen Joyce, a community manager for the Uber rideshare service, works on a laptop before a meeting of the Seattle City Council, Monday, March 17, 2014, at City Hall in Seattle.

TED S. WARREN — The Associated Press

Tacoma has Lyft, Sidecar and now Uber.

In a blog post Wednesday, the ride-sharing company confirmed what has long been expected:

"Uber has actually been completing trips in your area for some time, but now we are giving you the attention you deserve."

Rideshare operations and taxis provide the same service, but taxi companies are regulated by local governments. Earlier this month, Seattle became the first city to regulate rideshare companies.

On Tuesday, an organization of taxicab drivers in Seattle and King County sued Uber.

Rides with a rideshare service are typically reserved through a smartphone app. A potential customer will check to see if a driver is available, and if so, a ride is arranged for a set price. Rideshare drivers use their personal vehicles to provide the service.


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