Do-nut worry: Gig Harbor High School fundraiser is sweet success

of the GatewayMarch 28, 2014 

Gig Harbor High School senior senator Allie Cosmos had planned a modest fundraiser for the senior prom. The idea was to sell 200 doughnuts every Friday for six weeks.

So when Cosmos saw the Krispy Kreme doughnuts being trucked in for the first day of the sale Friday — a full 200 dozen of them — she was terrified.

“I’ve never seen so many doughnuts in my life,” she said. “I was almost to the point of tears, because I didn’t know how we’d be able to pay for it.”

The Gig Harbor community rallied. ASB adviser Kelly Indahl sent an email to the school’s administration, and in the subject line she wrote “Donut Crisis.”

The message spread quickly, and it wasn’t long before the community’s most stereotyped doughnut lovers — the Gig Harbor Police Department — became aware of the crisis. The department’s official Twitter account tweeted, “Donut News: GH High School selling massive oversupply of fund-raiser donuts today. Don’t let good donuts go to waste.”

And they didn’t.

Some adults from the community, and a lot of students at the school, responded to the plea.

“At lunch, we got on the microphone, our ASB president made an announcement, and there was a huge line of students,” Indahl said.

Making the deal even sweeter, Krispy Kreme agreed to sell the 2,400 doughnuts at the price of the 1,200 the students believed they had ordered for the full six-week sale. Essentially, that means the school had 1,200 free doughnuts to sell the first day.

On Friday the students didn’t know if they’d bother with the remaining five weeks of the sale.

Senior class adviser and science teacher JoAnn Moore said the mixup resulted in a learning opportunity for the students, and a chance to interact with a corporation in a real-life way.

As of 1:15 p.m., only six boxes of the original 200 remained.

“I think it’s so funny,” Cosmos said. “I think it’s amazing. I didn’t think this little fundraiser would blow up. I didn’t think this mistake would turn into such a wonderful experience. The whole school got together, I’m so proud.”

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