Marriage Licenses for the week ending March 28

Tacoma News TribuneMarch 31, 2014 

AGUILAR/VASQUEZ Wendy Jane, Fife, with Juan Jose, Tacoma

ALMARAZ ROBLES/SANCHEZ FIGUEROA Victor Manuel, Tacoma, with Heymi, Lakewood

ALVARADO SANTOS/RODRIGUEZ-RAMOS Alejandro with Wanda Ivelisse, both of Tacoma

ANDRADE/BOWMAN Kimberly Adelade, Tacoma, with Ethan Edward, JBLM

ANGUS/POWELL Craig Norman with Jackie Lynn, both of Tacoma

BAILEY/LENA Charlotte Arlene with Leif Mitchell, both of Tacoma

BAILEY/WASHINGTON Karmen with Laddarius, both of Tacoma

BAILEY/O'BRINE Ryan Scott with Andrea Dawn, both of Gig Harbor

BALLIET/CORCORAN Brandon Lee with Amber Rae, both of Fife

BAUMGAERTEL/WHEELON David Lawrence, Gig Harbor, with Erin Marie, Tacoma

BAUSTIAN/NEVES Alexander Scott with Kristalyn Marie, both of Tacoma

BONNER/LALICKER Lucas J. with Lacey M., both of Puyallup

BOTELLO/MOCHINSKI Juan Tamayo with Laura Beth, both of Federal Way

BRADY/DEMRY Adrian Roy, Tacoma, with Tarae Lachelle, Kent

BRINSON/JORGENSEN James with Kerstin, both of Puyallup

BROOKS/KENNEDY Charles Joseph with Mary Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

BROWN/PERKINS Felicia Ciara Renee with Devon Terry Coulter, both of Lakewood

BRYANT-JACKSON/JONES Tynequa J., Tacoma, with Jimmy J., JBLM

BULLARD/COOK Robert Loring with Sherri Lyn, both of Puyallup

BURCHFIELD/GREENE Katie Lynne with Nicholas Allan, both of Sumner

CAMPBELL/PUGH Hope Delores with Veronica Ann, both of University Place

CHRISTENSEN/BROTHERS Rebecca Jo with Ian Elliott Motega, both of Tacoma

CORONADO/SANCHEZ Juan Marcos Jr., University Place, with Kayleigh Jean, Coolidge, Ariz.

DE/KAMINSKI Anda Ruben with Michael Joseph, both of Lake Tapps

DERY/HARTSUCK Nickolas Ward, JBLM, with Courtney Renae, Tacoma

DETTMER/PEACOCK Genevieve Anne with Laura Leigh, both of Tacoma

EMMANUEL/MUNZ Alisha Raye with Westly Scott, both of Orting

FLATELAND/WILSON Michelle Suzanne, Fox Island, with James Robert, Spanaway

FONTANILLA/PHILLIPS Aurora Freida with Sabra Leann, both of Knoxville, Tenn.

FRENIER/JELLISON Mariah Kristine, Minneapolis, Minn., with Nicholas Allan, JBLM

GONZALEZ PERETE/HAROS LOPEZ Oscar Jhovanny, Lacey, with Patsip A.I., University Place

GOODMAN/VAN Daniel Perry with Ausdal Kenneth Charles, both of Graham

GOODWIN/MILLER Oster Chalon A. with Andrew S., both of Puyallup

GORKA/GROVER Natalia Kane with Kyle Samuel, both of Lakewood

GULLIFORD/BOWMAN Erika Leigh with Ty Bradford, both of Tacoma

HALL/FOWLER Trina with Chad, both of Graham

HALLER/BRIGGS Nicole Leanne with Thomas Earl, both of JBLM

HANKS/REYES Gabriel Barthalameu with Ana Maria, both of Tacoma

HODGE/WILLIAMS Keri Marie with Paul Andrew, both of Graham

HOLLOWAY/DEA Austin Chase, Fox Island, with Megan Kacey, Tacoma

JENSEN/FITZSIMMONS Brandy Marrissa, Kingman, Ariz., with Tallen Clark, JBLM

JOHNSON/ENBOM Breona Marie with James Robert, both of Gig Harbor

JOHNSON/PASCACIO Jesse Andrew with Francisco, both of Tacoma

JOHNSON/CAULK Sarah Ann with Travis Neil, both of Puyallup

KATTERHAGEN/LAUTT Melissa Mae with Thomas James Herbert, both of Tacoma

KELLUM/COLE Chad Michael with Lyndsey Brianne, both of Tacoma

KING/BULLOCK Jennifer Christine with Cody Lee, both of Steilacoom

KLAS/JENNINGS Joseph Ray with Jessica Marie, both of Lakewood

LARSON/HERRINGTON Adam Leigh with Courtney Diane Elizabeth, both of Bonney Lake

LEE/LEE Glen S. with Mijin, both of Tacoma

LEWIS/CHERY Latoya Shawnta with Mckerry Beauliere, both of Tacoma

LOPEZ/JIMENEZ-VARGAS Gabriella Angelique with Luis Enrique, both of Tacoma

LOWERY/THOMAS Justin Kyle with Heather Lynn, both of JBLM

LUCAS/RAHILLY Sean Edward, Burlington, N.J., with Lindsey Marie, Eastampton, N.J.

LUCERO/STOTTS Alyssa with Jessicah, both of Sandpoint, Idaho.

MacBETH/McGEHEE Miriam Esther with Shawn Michael, both of Tacoma

MAGNUSSON/OLSON Ryan Edward with Genise Liane, both of Tacoma

MANDUJANO/LOPEZ Crispin Echevarria, Tacoma, with Irene Magana, Washuogal

MANSON/McBEE Richard Bruce with Rebekah Rose, both of Frederickson

MARQUISS/SEITZER Jason Lee, Spanaway, with Donna Marie, Ashford

MARSHALL/NASH Nicholas Patrick with Crystal Lynn, both of Sumner

MARTINEZ/NISWANGER Debra Jean, Federal Way, with David Allen Sr., Orting

MARTINEZ/ROJAS MOSQUEDA Maribel with Jose Adalberto, both of Tacoma

Mc/HOSTETLER Hugh Thomas James with Julie Ann, both of Tacoma

McINTYRE/LUKE John Daryl with Kimberly Marie, both of Tacoma

MILLER/PENA Joseph Terrence Jr. with Isabella Karina, both of Tacoma

MOLINA/LEE Magana Luis Gerardo, University Place, with Castro Belen, Tacoma

NOAKES/ATANASOVA Anthony Tyrone with Tanja, both of Tacoma

NORDBERG/KERN Lisa Louise with Donna Jean, both of Lakewood

OTREMBA/LAGRANGE Kristene Nickole with Clinton David, both of University Place

OUM/DROSEHN Sanaroth, Lakewood, with Hannah Elizabeth, Petersburg, Va.

PAEZ/TEMBREVILLA Edwayne Abellar with Rutchill Compas, both of Tacoma

POLLEX/GARRETT Jeffrey Jay with Liana Marie, both of Bonney Lake

PRATER/HALE Michael C. with Kelly Lynn, both of Tacoma

PRICE/AGNEW Amy Renee with Chad Michael, both of Puyallup

PRITCHARD/TABALNO Kurt, Seattle, with Hazel, Lakewood

QUINCY/SMITH Denise Dawn with Kelly Scott, both of Tacoma

REDDIX/GREEN Spicey Shayelle with Laikeem Stevens, both of Tacoma

RICHARDSON/CECH Aaron Elias with Kyli Elizabeth, both of Spanaway

RODDY/WIDRIG Noah Jordan I. with Cassidie Marie I., both of Gig Harbor

SCHROERS/BAER Derek James, JBLM, with Sabrina Renee, Yelm

SENGAR/KUMARI Saket with Niraj, both of Federal Way

SHOBEY/SHOBEY Shernell Jeanette with Darryl, both of Tacoma

SMITH/NIUAMOA Billy Joe with Delphine Marie, both of Auburn

SMITH/CARTER Clint Kellick with Kalla Deon, both of Federal Way

STANLEY/PITTORE Andrew Thomas Jr. with Marieelaine, both of Tacoma

SULLE/DURHAM Christian Nathaniel with Kendra Lee, both of Lakewood

SWAN/SEIBERT Chris James with Danielle Suzanne, both of Gig Harbor

TALAMANTES/YANEZ Pablo with Diana, both of Puyallup

TERJESON/RICE Matthew Thomas, Auburn, with Rylee Anna, Ogden, Utah.

THIRY/FELLON Adam E. with Susan A., both of Puyallup

TRAUFLER/MENCHACA William with Leeann, both of JBLM

TREASURE/MARROW Eygpt Keona with Dominique Courtney, both of Lakewood

WAHL/BASCH Heather Danielle, Fife, with Mark Masaki, Puyallup

WALLS/MOORE Stephanie Lynn with Angelo Seabrook, both of Orting

WERT/SMITH Brian William with April Mae, both of Tacoma

WHEELER/GOLDSBERRY Jermel Antwon with Tashima Mone'e, both of JBLM

WHITE/WHITE Michael Alva with Dawn Marie, both of Puyallup

WILLIAMS/ROUGUTT James Adam with Temeka Melia Marie, both of Tacoma

WIMBLES/GROH Caprice Nicole with Kurt Shane, both of Spanaway

WITT/LOZANO Vanessa with Raul II, both of Federal Way

WOELLER/BAILEY Sarah Christine, Attica, N.Y., with Justin Courtney, Tacoma

YOCKLOVICH/BOUFERIS Channon Lyn, Denver, Pa., with Mohammed Fares, Constantine, Algeria.

YOST/BENZ Clayton Joseph with Melinda Sue, both of JBLM

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