Sea-Tac cell phone lot moves to handle more cars

Staff writerApril 2, 2014 

Sea-Tac Airport's cell phone lot this week moved from its previous location on Air Cargo Road north of the terminal to a site adjacent to the South 170th Street exit from the Airport Expressway.

The new lot will handle 200 cars, 70 more than the former lot, when paving is complete next week.

The cell phone lot is designed to reduce congestion on the airport drives as friends and relatives of arriving airline passengers wait to pick up their friends.  The new lot will be equipped with WiFi to allow those waiting for arrivals to better monitor airport activity on their cell phones and tablets.

The old cell phone lot is being converted to overnight parking spaces for airliners in a $35 million project. The new aircraft parking area will accomodate up to eight planes.

The cell phone lot is free.  Drivers must stay with their cars awaiting calls from arriving passengers. Sea-Tac established the lot several years ago after it discovered drivers were illegally parking on road shoulders or circling the airport drives repeatedly while waiting for arrivals.

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