Boeing sells first business jet version of its 737-Max

Staff writerApril 3, 2014 

737-MAX 8 Boeing Business Jet


The 737-Max, Boeing's newest version of the popular 737 airliner, has just landed its first business jet customer.

Boeing said an undisclosed customer has placed an order for a BBJ Max 8, the business jet version of the twin-engine airliner.

Boeing has long sold private jet versions of its popular airliner.  This order is the first for the upgraded model of the business version of the plane. Boeing has received orders for more than 1,900 737 Max airliners.

The BBJ Max will fly farther, use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants than the existing models of the plane.  The first airline version of the plane is scheduled to debut in airline service in 2017.

The plane features new split wingtips, more fuel-efficient engines and aerodynamic modifications that Boeing says will be 14 percent more fuel-efficient that the best twin-jets in present service.

The BBJ 8 Max will have a range of nearly 7,300 miles. That's some 900 miles longer than the present BBJ 2 range.

The first BBJ Max is scheduled to be delivered to the initial customer in 2018 without an interior. The plane will be fitted with a customer interior by an outside provider.


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