A tale of the Smitty burger – and where to find it now that Jubilee is no more

Staff writerApril 4, 2014 

The former Jubilee restaurant in Tacoma's Lincoln District now houses a restaurant specializing in frozen yogurt and sandwiches. The orange Jubilee sign, however, remains.

SUE KIDD — Staff writer

Here’s a fun story about a legendary burger, a tricky sign and a new cafe in one of my favorite dining areas, Tacoma’s Lincoln neighborhood.

The giant orange Jubilee Hamburger Restaurant sign remains a stunning marker in Lincoln despite the closure of that hamburger restaurant in 2012.

So, too, remains the legend of its Smitty burger.

The new cafe Amp opened in the longtime Lincoln burger joint in January. Since then, plenty of neighbors have stopped in to order a Smitty burger, the regionally famous burger known for its oblong shape.

The only problem is that the cafe doesn’t serve burgers, let along a Smitty. Amp serves a mean Philly cheese steak and BLT sandwich, though.

More on the Smitty in a moment – and more on the future of that striking Jubilee sign, too.

First – a look at the new all-purpose cafe Amp, which is worth your dining dollars. A quick bite at Amp found the hallmarks I look for when I have exactly 17 minutes for lunch – good sandwiches made well at a fair price.

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