Alaska Airlines announces new movie and TV service aboard its airliners

Staff writerApril 4, 2014 

Alaska Airlines, which pioneered the availability of movies and TV shoes aboard its planes through portable media players years ago, is expanding its offerings to include streaming entertainment to customers' personal electronic devices.

The new system, called "Gogo Vision" will allow customers to use their own laptop, tablet or smart phone to access more than 100 movies, 50 television shows and unique content, the airline said.

The new system will be fed by separate on-board servers so that it won't clog the bandwidth used by the airline's inflight Wifi system.

The cost of the service will range from $6 for movies to $3 for television.

The installation of Gogo Vision is part of a $100 million program to upgrade the interiors of Alaska's aircraft with new seats and 110-volt and USB power outlets.  Part of Alaska's fleet will be equipped with the new system by this summer.  The whole fleet will be upgraded by the end of the year.

Alaska, unlike other airlines that have installed seat-back entertainment systems, has decided to bypass those systems because so many of its customers have their own tablets and smartphones capable of displaying video content.


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