Boeing opening Renton showroom for 737 interiors

Staff writerApril 7, 2014 

Picking seats, entertainment systems, galleys and other interior furnishings for Boeing's 737 aircraft formerly meant extensive traveling for airline aircraft buyers.

No more.

Boeing is opening a showroom near its Renton 737 assembly plant where airline buyers can view the available interior furnishings for their new aircraft in mock interiors of the best-selling twin jet.

The new 737 Configuration Studio will bring together all of the interior configuration choices in a single site. 

Airlines typically buy interior furnishings from outside suppliers for installation by Boeing on the final assembly line.

Half-a-dozen firms, some in Europe, others in the U.S. and in Asia make seats that will fit in a 737. Multiple firms make entertainment systems and galleys.

In recent years, Boeing has limited customers to a few standard choices for interior fittings to simplify the assembly process and to cut costs.

The 737 Configuration Studio follows the pattern Boeing established with its 787 Dreamliner, which has a similar gallery for its interior choices.

By creating mock interiors inside the 20,000-square-foot studio, Boeing can showcase different seats and fabrics under the color-shifting LED lights now available in the 737.


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