DaVita, whose business HQ is in the South Sound, further expands its business lines

Tacoma News TribuneApril 8, 2014 

Continuing its diversification of its business lines, Denver-based DaVita announced Tuesday it will enter into a joint venture with Independence Blue Cross, which serves more than 7.5 million people in 19 states.

The joint venture will be called Tandigm Health. It will "partner" with primary care physicians in the Philadelphia area to provide enhanced resources to help them deliver more personalized, high-quality care, according to a news release.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek described it more clearly:

Here’s how it will work. When doctor join the new venture’s network, Independence Blue Cross will divert a portion of the premiums their patients pay to Tandigm. Doctors will get higher reimbursement rates from Tandigm; how much higher is still being worked out, Coletta says. They will also get some training, hand-holding, and technology from Tandigm to help them focus on prevention, managing chronic diseases, and treating people in the lowest-cost setting appropriate.

Tandigm hopes to recruit enough doctors so that 50,000 to 60,000 Independence Blue Cross patients are covered in the new arrangement next year. That’s a tiny sliver of the insurers’ 2.2 million area members, but the company hopes it will grow over time. The pitch to doctors is that it will let them focus on what they got into medicine to do: improve people’s health.

DaVita's business headquarters is in the South Sound region, with offices in downtown Tacoma and Federal Way. Tacoma also is home to the company's first primary care clinic, Paladina Health.

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