JBLM's Army aviation brigade hits the ground in Afghanistan

Staff writerApril 8, 2014 

â„ 2014 - A new version of the Apache helicopter debuts at Kandahar Airfield. http://www.dvidshub.net/video/325819/apache-guardian-brings-new-tools-afghan-airspace


Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s combat aviation brigade is on the ground in Afghanistan and ready for operations, it announced this week.

The 16th Combat Aviation Brigade expects to be in the country through the rest of the year with about 1,200 soldiers from Lewis-McChord.

They’ve been joined by a sister aviation unit from Alaska and another from the Tennessee National Guard.

“Everyone is getting settled in nicely,” the brigade wrote on its Facebook page.

Aviators from Lewis-McChord expect to support ground units with reconnaissance, attack and airlift assets. They'll work out of air fields in southern and western Afghanistan.

Also last week, the Army in a broadcast news story showed off the newest Apache helicopters that it sent to Afghanistan with the brigade. The video is attached to this story.

The Apaches have more powerful engines than their predecessors and a new capability to control unmanned aircraft from the cockpit.

“We can bring more to the fight and stay there longer,” Chief Warrant Officer 4 Richard Crabtree said.



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