Lincoln students expelled after weapons incident leads to lockdown

Staff writerApril 9, 2014 

Lincoln 100th Birthday

The clock tower at Lincoln High School.

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Two boys were expelled from Lincoln High School on Wednesday after they followed and pointed an airsoft gun at another student, Tacoma police said.

The school was immediately placed on lockdown until police arrived on the campus at 701 S. 37th St. Officers came about 9 a.m. after police got a call that a teenager was carrying a gun and walking across the baseball field toward the classrooms.

Outside the school officers found a group of several students who started running from the officers toward the school, police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said. When stopped, one of the boys had brass knuckles and the other an airsoft gun altered to look like a real firearm.

Officers arrested the 16-year-old boy with the gun on suspicion of felony harassment and bringing a dangerous weapon on school grounds. The 15-year-old boy with the brass knuckles was arrested on suspicion of bringing a dangerous weapon on school grounds.

Cool gave this account of the alleged harassment:

The student with the gun followed another student near the school’s baseball field. The 16-year-old stared at the other student as he followed him, then opened his jacket to show the gun, and pointed it at him.

All the while, the student kept walking and ignored the boy with the gun. He also texted his mother for help and she called police.

It wasn’t clear why either of the students arrested had the weapons.

Staff writer Stacia Glenn contributed to this report.

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