Dog, believed to have died, rescued in Eastern Washington

Tacoma News TribuneApril 14, 2014 

Rangers at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area last week rescued a dog that was wrongly believed to have died.

The National Park Service published this report on its website on Monday morning:

On Wednesday, April 2nd, the park received a phone call from the daughter of a man who had been walking his dog in the Hawk Creek area, which is close to Fort Spokane. The caller said that the dog had gotten stuck in some mud and she thought it had expired from a stroke. She wanted to know if they could drive out to where the dog was located and retrieve its body. 

A Fort Spokane ranger attempted to contact the daughter by phone the next day but was not able to reach her and did not receive any return call. He searched the area around Hawk Creek, but could not find the dog. Over the weekend, rangers checked the area on numerous occasions. 

On April 7th, park visitors who were hiking in the area to go fishing found the dog alive.  The place where the dog was located was not easily visible from any trail. A maintenance worker and two rangers freed the dog, described as a large Labrador mix, placed it in a wheeled cart, and pulled the cart about  a half mile to the road (concern for cultural resources precluded the use of motorized vehicles). 

The rangers provided water to the dog and it was able to drink.  The daughter arrived and said she was taking the dog to a vet for treatment. 




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