No surprise: Men earn more than women in latest federal employment data

Staff writerApril 18, 2014 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics on Thursday released wage data from the first quarter showing again what workers already know – that men make more than women. Beyond gender, race also showed a disparity in earnings.

Among the numbers:

• Five years ago, the median weekly earnings for men in America were $815, and $645 for women, giving women overall earnings that were 79.1 percent of the earnings of men. 

• In the first quarter this year, men earned a median weekly wage of $867, and $716 for women. The current 82.5 percent is an improvement over five years ago, but the difference continues.

• The wage disparity between men and women begins early. In the first quarter, men 16-24 years old earned $480 per week; women, $434.

• The disparity continues through senior citizenship. Men 65 years old and older earned a median weekly salary of $938; women, $714.

• White men earned a median weekly wage of $898; Black men, $708; Asian men, $1,045; Hispanic and Latino men, $610.

• Asian men aged 25-54 earned the highest weekly salary at $1,127, and Asian women in the same age category earned the highest among women, at $944. Black men and women in the category earned $731 and $615 respectively, while Latino men and women aged 25-54 earned $645 and $591 respectively.

• Men in management and professional occupations earned a median wage of $1,347, and women earned $975. Men and women in the service sector earned $581 and $459 respectively. Workers with “farming, fishing and forestry”  occupations earned the least, with a median wage of  $423 per week for men and $368 for women. Salesmen earned $875 weekly, and saleswomen, $599.

• Concerning educational attainment, workers with less than a high school diploma earned a median wage of $480 in the first quarter, while high school graduates earned $660, and those with a bachelor’s degree or higher earned $1,199. Men with an advanced degree earned $1,652 weekly, and women $1,205.

• The disparity between wages earned by men and women continues even at the highest level. In the column describing the top 10 percent of earnings, men earned $2,076 per week compared to $1,637 for women. 


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