Forrest the Eurasian eagle owl's been found alive and well

Staff writerApril 18, 2014 

Forrest the Eurasian eagle owl's bid for freedom didn't last long.

Officials from Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium tracked down and captured the wayward owl Friday afternoon.

"We found our bird," zoo spokeswoman Kris Sherman said.

Forrest was discovered in the Fort Nisqually area of the park, Sherman said.

Searchers had concentrated on that area since hearing some hooting there Thursday, she said.

A member of a search party spotted the bird in a tree about 5 p.m. The owl hopped into another tree before descending to the ground within arm's length of a zoo staff member, who'd showed Forrest his food dish. That keeper grabbed the bird, Sherman said.

"He's hungry but healthy," she said.

The bird was taken back to the zoo.

Forrest performs in the zoo's Wild Wonder Outdoor Theater. For years, the owl has flown away as part of the shown but always returned home.

During rehearsals Wednesday, Forrest flew off but didn't come back, prompting the zoo to issue an all-points bulletin Thursday.

People across the region kept an eye out for the owl, and volunteer searchers, including a group from the local Audobon chapter, fanned out across the park to help look for Forrest. On Thursday, someone set up a Twitter account in his name under the handle @owlonthelam.

"We are grateful to the public for their help in the search," Sherman said.

It was unclear Friday if Forrest would resume his duties in the Wild Wonder show. 



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