Port of Tacoma awards Summit Awards to three local entities

Staff writerApril 21, 2014 

A longtime transportation group, a quickly expanding logistics firm and a neighborhood environmental watchdog organization have won the Port of Tacoma's highest community honors for 2014.

Those honors, the port's annual Summit Awards, were awarded earlier this month to recognize the three entities' strong work ethics and their efforts to better the Tacoma community.

The winners were:

*The Transportation Club of Tacoma.  Founded in 1926, the club was been a longtime contributor to local causes. Since 1999, for instance, the club has raised more than $1 million for the Emergency Food Network.  In the last decade, the club as also awarded $145,000 for scholarships.
Its golf tournament last May raised $15,000 for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Habitat for Humanity.

*The Friends of Julia's Gulch. Since 2007, this group of volunteers have been volunteer watchdogs of the gulch between Northeast Tacoma and the port. 

Periodically, they have worked in the 40-acre gulch to remove invasive plant species and to replace them with native plants.

*PCC Logistics.  This warehousing and distribution firm employs 50 people handling some 6,500 containers full of goods that move through the port's terminals.

The company has expanded its footprint from a single warehouse to four since 1998.

Its newest facility added 102,000 square feet of warehouse space to its inventory. The company leased that space at the end of last year.


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