Cyber-attacks could have been prevented by sharing information, IT pros say

Tacoma-based IID takes survey of tech professionals

Tacoma News TribuneApril 23, 2014 

Most computer security professionals say their company has faced a cyber-attack in the last two years that could have been prevented if they had known others were facing the same threat.

Some 61 percent of information technology workers answered this way, in a survey out Wednesday by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Tacoma-based IID, whose signature product focuses on cyber-intelligence sharing.

Ponemon surveyed 701 IT professionals in industries including financial services, healthcare and the public sector. The companies represented averaged 12,000 employees. 

More than three-quarters of the IT people surveyed, 78 percent, said they were users of threat intelligence. Most of them aren't happy with it. Some 70 percent of those surveyed were unhappy with how their organization gathers threat intelligence.

Why? The information isn't timely, organized or understandable, the survey showed. Threat information becomes stale within seconds or minutes, but those surveyed said they receive cyber-threat intelligence in periods of days, weeks or months.

While almost 80 percent of the companies represented participate in active threat sharing, it seems most of them do it not because it helps, but because it can't hurt.

While 71 percent of those surveyed said sharing threat intelligence would "improve the security posture of my organization," 65 percent said their main reasons for not participating in threat-intel sharing was that they don't perceive any benefit to their organization.

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