Fence dispute leads to indecent exposure charges for Spanaway man

Staff writerApril 23, 2014 

Walter Robinson was anything but neighborly.

He did not like a fence the woman next door put up and expressed his distaste in a variety of ways.

Robinson, 44, yelled obscenities at her. He spray painted a penis on the fence in the 17300 block of 8th Ave. E. in Spanaway. Then he allegedly showed her his own, wagging it through an open window while pretending to hump the window sill.

The neighbor told Pierce County sheriff’s deputies she “was shocked and fearful of her safety,” according to court records.

She was concerned that children playing outside “could have seen Robinson waving his penis around.”

Every time the woman called 911 to report Robinson’s behavior April 9, he refused to answer the door for deputies. In fact, he called 911 to report that a deputy was on his porch harassing him.

The neighbor complained that she had an anti-harassment order against Robinson but it hadn’t yet been served.

Deputies eventually obtained a warrant for Robinson and went to serve it at his home.

Robinson wasn’t there but a THC-extraction operation allegedly was. Deputies found drug paraphernalia and 12 grams of extracted THC, according to court records.

Prosecutors have charged Robinson with two counts of indecent exposure and unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance. He is scheduled to be arraigned May 6.

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