Boeing wins order for 50 more 737s

Staff writerApril 24, 2014 

Shandong Airlines has announced an order for 50 of Boeing's popular 737 single-aisle airliners.

The Chinese airline's order has to be approved by the Chinese government before it becomes official. That's likely a formality given the airline's public announcement.

The order consists of 16 of Boeing's Next Generation 737s and 34 of its upcoming 737 Max jets. The 737 Max is the latest version of the 737 with new engines and modified wingtips and aerodynamics to improve fuel consumption by some 13 percent.

The first 737 Max is scheduled to be delivered to launch customer Southwest Airlines in 2017.

All 737s are built in Boeing's Renton plant.

The 737 is the world's best selling jetliner with more than 11,000 sold and 8,000 delivered. Boeing recently increased its Renton production rate to 42 737s monthly to keep up with demand for the twin-engine jet.  The company plans to bump that production up to 47 monthly in two years.


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